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Ravens Free Agent Linebackers

Written By Bad Boy

As expected the Ravens lost Defense coordinator Rex Ryan to the JETS as their new head coach. It was only a matter of time for a team to give Ryan a shot at being a head coach. Will Ryan have enough talent on the defensive side of the ball up there in the big city of New York to execute his style of defensive play? Only time will tell! The big question is which Ravens free agent line backer will follow Ryan to the JETS.

Which leads me to this question for the Ravens in the coming weeks. If you can’t sign all 3 linebackers, “Who do you keep?”

Obviously, Ray Lewis is the heart and soul of the defense, not to mention the face of the franchise. He is the leader of the team as a whole and the fire that ignites it. Ray has said that he would like to stay and end his career in a Ravens uniform. That being said, Ray will probably demand at least a 3yr. deal with a huge signing bonus. Do you upset the fans and let Ray go to another team looking for that leader on the defensive side of the ball. Or, do you gamble and hope his body has at least another 2 good solid years left in the tank.

Terrell Suggs is a no-brainer to me. You have to sign him to a long term contract. With out Suggs pass rushing skills, the defensive backfield will get lit up no matter who is back there. Suggs has proven that he is an elite pass rusher in this league. His pass rushing presence forces opposing quarterbacks into making mistakes. Suggs will get signed and remain a Raven for years to come.

Which leads me to Bart Scott. Unfortunately Bart might be the odd man out this year. Bart has all the tools to be a top tier linebacker in this league. However sometimes Bart’s over aggressive style of play, sets him up out of position when he is suppose to be covering a RB out of the backfield. I honestly think Bart will be in either one of two uniforms next year. The JETS or COWBOYS. Both teams would love to have him in the middle of their defenses. And, I believe Bart would be a great addition wherever he may go.

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