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What's the deal?

Written by John V.

I'm having a real hard time trying to understand what John Harbaugh is doing with this team. Let me explain. I understand the move to tag Terrell Suggs completely. Now, how did we let Ray Lewis, (who is considering a return now that he didn't receive the offers he thought he would) Bart Scott, (who reunited with Rex Ryan in New York to solidify a 3-4 defense in need, and Jason Brown (probably the best offensive lineman we had with the exception of Ben Grubbs) all go to explore other options instead of tying them down? One of our biggest problems for years was the offensive line. So we start to see a nice future ahead of us with Jason Brown, Ben Grubbs,and Chris Chester, and what happens? Brown is living it up in St. Louis with a $37.5 million contract. Bart Scott just received a $48 million contract from the Jets. Now you might think that we didn't have the money. Possible, but the NFL salary cap limit rose another $4 million the night before free agency because something triggered in the collective bargaining agreement. That had to give us a little more leverage. Chances are we're also going to lose Jim Leonhard to the Jets as well, which is bad because we're now losing depth. Our one signing so far was a $24 million contract to an unproven defensive back named Domonique Foxworth. Now I was a huge fan of Fabian Washington coming here, but Foxworth, not so much, at least not for the price we had to pay. For a guy who only had 1 interception last year, and only 4 in his entire career, $24 million seems a little steep don't you think? As stated on ESPN and NFL Network, Foxworth is only somewhat effective as a cover corner on a team with a good pass rush, but then again, who isn't? As I stated earlier, Ray ray is considering a return to Baltimore which would be nice for a couple reasons. One, he's Ray Lewis the face of the franchise and undisputed leader of the team. Two; he can mentor the other linebackers that we might take in the draft. Rey Maualuga's draft stock dropped at the combine, but look at last year for example. A good workout isn't everything and the Jets found that out the hard way when they drafted the so far bust Vernon Gholston. He himself is a Godlike specimen, in that he was the strongest and fastest of d-lineman and linebackers. James Laurinaitis is another top middle linebacker prospect who could resemble an A.J. Hawk. While Maualuga's stock as fallen, that could be good news for the Ravens because they might not have to trade up to get him. Who knows though? The way this off season is going, Harbaugh might draft a running back or a safety, or some other meaningless position. I see Ray Lewis coming back to play for Baltimore and mentoring his replacement Rey Maualuga for years to come. I see the Ravens moving up in the second round and drafting a corner or an outside linebacker, like a Alphonso Smith or a Marcus Freeman. I see them being a little more aggressive in free agency and going after a player like Ronald Curry who is quite underrated and has potential to be a solid number 3 receiver. I would love to see the Ravens draft offense this year again with players like Deon Butler and Derrick Williams, both of Penn State and both very underrated. Hey, I can dream can't I?

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