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Offeason Blues

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Jason Brown, Bart Scott, Chris McAlister, Jim Leonhard - all gone. And that may not be all of them. Yes folks, the 2009 Baltimore Ravens will look quite a bit different from the franchise you knew and loved.

Matt Stover is still a question mark for the future. Kyle Boller will certainly not return, and I doubt Samari Rolle will either. Sure we still have Suggs, but who will be his teammates is still up in the air.

The big unknown at the present time is Ray Lewis. Having mouthed off a bit after the AFC Title game, he has no other takers. He is easily one of the best linebackers ever, but age is slowing him down. And with the downturn in the economy and the salary cap out there, no one was going to meet his demands. Not even punk owner Dan Snyder who collects players on his roster like we did with baseball cards went after Ray, but I think that was more of a pride thing seeing as he loathes the existence of the Ravens. And why is that Mr Snyder? Probably because we are a model franchise who drafts well and puts itself into contention most of the years. The Napoleon-like Snyder has built a sub .500 joke that may make tons of cash, but is always outside looking in come the post season.

Back to the Lewis topic... I bet he will be back in part because he loves this town and in part because there are no other takers. His image is wounded a bit for sure having taken a major gamble and watched it blow up in his face. But as the poster boy for the Ravens since 1996, we certainly want him to finish his career here.

Stay tuned for more developments during the next few weeks. And let's hope and pray that Rex Ryan is done pillaging our roster this offseason.

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