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Bringing Down the Steel Curtain

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

I will admit that I respect the Steelers. As a PA native, they are a great run team and have been owned by the same family for generations. Wonderful history, six titles, and a slew of immortal players give them bragging rights over almost any other franchise. That being said, this weekend - I hate them.

While Charm City and Steel City have many similar aspects, these two teams and towns have a deep dislike for one another. Probably because they are the only 2 consistent teams in the AFC North who constantly vie for the top spot, and because they are both entrenched in defensive based strategies with a powerful running game. In essence, they are mirror images of each other.

While Big Ben is out this weekend (people around here refer to him as Rapistberger), the Ravens should not take the Steelers lightly. Last week, they squeezed out a win over the Browns who with a no-name RB really gave the vaunted D-line a lot of trouble. So while this game is a rival match up of the leagues best defenses, it also will be a test for the Ravens who look to continue their offensive surge and for the surprising Steelers who at 3-0, look to maintain their winning streak with a backup QB.

The Ravens usually do not perform well at Heinz Field. Maybe it is the awful turf or the curse of the terrible towel, I don't know. I expect a low scoring affair that hopefully will end in a W for us, but I am not all that optimistic. The Cleveland Browns exploited what may be the new weakness for our defense, and a talented Pittsburgh team can, in theory, run rough shot over us.

The time is now to right the ship. Injuries to Ed Reed and the question mark over Ray Rice's status notwithstanding, we should be the Bergerless Squealers. Our team is loaded with veterans and leaders, and if they dig deep enough, it could be a good feeling on Monday morning for Baltimore.

Let's pray for our Birds! Go Ravens!


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