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Still Seething

Written by: Peter Coolbaugh

Those dang Steelers! Ruined our 8 game win streak at home! How come we can't beat Big Ben?

These are the ranting we heard starting Monday after the Ravens came up short to Pittsburgh on Sunday night. Boy, this town was mad.

I will dissect the game a bit and show us where we went wrong.

1) Should have aired it out more. As Mason says, we have the weapons so why not use them.

2) The defense seemed to let up on Ben in the 2nd half. Whose call was that?

3) Not going for that field goal was clearly a bad decision.

4) Joe fumble cost us the game. I am not that impressed with Flacco. You think that by his 3rd year in the pros, he would have grown a bit more. He is no Bollerish bum, but I thought his level of consistent excellence would have gotten a little higher by now.

So, at 8-4 the Ravens now look up to Pittsburgh in the standings. They have only themselves to blame for this loss. Couple that with a dumb defeat to Cincinnati back in September and that is why they are now in second place.

So even if we win out and finish at 12-4, that still may be only good enough for a wild card. Shows you how good and competitive the AFC is. Houston is next, who is reeling themselves. We will be in Texas on Monday night trying to right the ship. I don't want to say it is easy pickings, but it won't be as difficult as an AFC North game.

Interesting that in 6 postseason appearances (2000, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009) that the Ravens have only 2 division titles (2003 and 2006) while the rest were wild card appearances including the 2000 Super Bowl run. Now, we were in the AFC Central from 1996-2001 until the league reformed in 2002 after the Texans were added. Now with 4 divisions of four in each conference, it is a little easier than before to win a division.

Win at Houston and the title can possibly get a little closer.

Lose another game, and the playoff picture gets muddier fast. Welcome to December in the NFL.

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